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PMP compact     Version 4.0

Particulate Materials Processing        

PMP is a software-tool-system which serves for analysing and optimising the preparation of disperse solid systems. For that purpose, various methods for preparing and visualising material- and machine data are available.  Furthermore, the tool-system contains a series of methods for secure modelling and evaluating machine- and plant states as well as a simulator for optimising complex tasks.  Comprehensive setup options permit a detailed individual cut. At the same time, the software possesses a generic component which allows to combine different calculation steps in one evaluation program that can be applied as template for routine calculations as well.
Thereto, diverse packages are available.


The PMP - Packages are structured problem-oriented in:

the data management    Overview
the process analysis Classification Overview
Comminution Overview
the plant calculation 123-45 Simulator Overview

                         Those contain each methods for evaluating


PMP disperse solids (PMP ParSize)    
PMP Classification    
  PMP Comminution    
  PMP Circuits and Flowsheets    
as well as methods for  
      PMP Visualisation (Service)    

Complete description in PDF-Format

  Description of program modules in PDF - Format (3,5 MB) download English
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